Primeval World Disneyland Attraction Poster - ID: febdisneyland17703


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54" x 36"
Price: $3,000.00
SKU: febdisneyland17703

This is an original hand-silkscreened poster for the "Primeval World" attraction at Disneyland. Due to the labor and steps involved in creating hand-silkscreened posters, the park printed multiple posters when they were created. As a poster on display in the park would age from sun damage or other environmental wear, the poster display would be opened, and a new poster would be pasted up over the damaged poster. This poster was part of the park's original printing, but was never displayed in the park, so it is a fantastic example of the original art created by the park for marketing, promotion, and decoration. Designed by Claude Coats, this poster measures 54"x36 and is in very good condition with minor edge wear and a wrinkle to the side of the T-Rex which is a "printing artifact" and not a flaw or damage. This poster will ship rolled in a sturdy poster tube.