An American Tail Title Credit Background Concepts - ID: marbluthtail21137

An American Tail Title Credit Background Concepts - ID: marbluthtail21137 Don Bluth


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4.25"x6 each
Price: $750.00
SKU: marbluthtail21137

An amazing background concept painting from the Don Bluth Productions animated feature An American Tail (1986). Featuring four different panels that were used for the closing title backgrounds behind the credits for The Animators, Additional Animation, Special Effects Directing Animator, Special Effects Animators, Character Key Supervisor, Character Key Assistants, and Character Clean-Up, the concept painting was created at the studio and used during development. Don Bluth's extensive attention to detail resulted in stunning development artwork for parts of his films that are not usually seen in other productions. Measuring 6"x25.5" overall with four 4.25"x6" images, the painting is in fine condition with expected minimal edge wear from studio use and storage.

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